Why we got another doggy – So we already have a dog (Phoebe) she’s coming up to 5 years old and she suffers from anxiety really bad, she hates being left at home alone and panics which is why we thought she needed company, and quite right I believe all animals should have company in their lives.


People suggested types of collars, special t-shirts, calming tablets, plug in’s and so on… But I know Phoebe only settles when she’s with another dog and perhaps it’s because beagles/hounds are pack dogs, or it could be the fact that Phoebe was raised around other dogs.

I know Phoebe settles when shes with other dogs because my mum has a dog which Phoebe gets on with and can be left alone with. Every time we went shopping or out we had to take Phoebe to my mums house which is a small distance from our house and it was a hassle. DSC_0689DSC_0703

The decision became finale 22/04/17. Myself and Chris my partner was out walking Phoebe and Oscar (Mums dog) seeing how happy Phoebe was and seeing how old and poorly Oscar is getting, it dawned on us that he’s not going to be around forever. So we put our heads together and came up with some breeds… I have always liked dalmatians from being young, but our house isn’t big enough for a big, bouncy dally. Chris likes collies but again they are big and very hairy so I suggested a springer spaniel & Chris suggested a cocker spaniel, then I started talking to a couple of my friends on facebook about each breed.

My farrier (who deals with my horses feet) owns a sprocker, a beautiful black bitch named Willow. She’s bouncy, fun, small and obedient so that was the finale decision.


That night I went on preloved and researched some breeders.  I came across a local breeder and the next evening we went and viewed the pups and I guess you will have to read my next blog to find out what happened next… IMG_1137

Leanne & Lily x


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